Tenant Vetting

Trashed room

We help you avoid scenes like this!

Letting out your property can be a big risk with major problems if things go wrong. You need to protect your investment.

Bad tenants cost you money by not paying rent, not looking after your property – or even worse, damaging it – or not paying their household bills.

Evicting tenants can be difficult and all the while the process costs yet more money through court fees and lost rent.

The best way to avoid this is to do background checks on your prospective tenants before anything is agreed.

How Paul Wiseman Investigations can help

We do detailed checks on your prospective tenants, including

  • Credit report
  • Employer reference – good for confirming they can afford the rent!
  • Current landlord reference plus proof of residency
  • Copy of passport to ensure the applicant can legally live in the UK
  • 6 months’ recent bank statements – indication of lifestyle

We’ll let you know the outcome of these checks, and also if the prospective tenant has lied about anything or failed to tell you something important.

All background checks are done to British Standard 7858.